We’ve provided the highest professional standards for the placement of temporary and permanent personnel to companies of all sizes and industries in the New York metropolitan area.

As an experienced full-service staffing firm, we provide our clients with candidates who have been comprehensively tested and evaluated, using our state-of-the-art computerized testing system, to ensure that we fully understand their level of qualifications.

To find a successful match for our clients, we consider more than just the education and experience of a candidate. Our thorough interviewing process allows us to evaluate their skills, experience, attitude and resourcefulness.

To better match these traits with each employer’s needs, Vance Staffing Services offers all of our clients a no-obligation on-site consultation. By investing this extra time, we gain a better understanding of your unique needs. This is an important step in developing the close relationship necessary to provide you with candidates who are qualified to succeed in your business environment.

Our clients enjoy the benefits of working closely with a focused group of specialized professional recruiters who draw from the resources of an experienced firm prepared to address a wide variety of staffing requirements.

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